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Welcome to Mosaica

Mosaica has been around for over 10 years, where have you been?

Both Hardens and the good Food Guide have rated Mosaica for the past 6 years but you’re only as good as your last meal and we strive to make each dish better than the previous.

Whether you prefer jeans or the little black number, you’ll feel right at home in our laid back New York loft shabby chic.

Our food is directly sourced from the markets, Smithfield & Billingsgate. The meats in particular almost have to come with a birth certificate, we have to know the parents names. The fish is still in rigor mortis stage when picked up at 5am from E London, and arrives back at Mosaica ready for the customer.

Handmade pasta, daily baked bread, churned ice cream and butchered meat all on the premises.

We stick to great British seasonal produce with hints of European eccentricities.